I have spent most of my life being obsessed with colors and their relationships, and with trying to understand WHY colors do what they do. I have been teaching color workshops around the country for over 28 years to spread the word about ways to easily use color.

Being comfortable with using color is a skill that you can learn.

In my books and videos, I have simplified color and their relationships to a single concept at a time, with plenty of exercises to reinforce the concepts and help you understand how to use what you are learning.


New DVDs to go with Color Works
3 DVDs to go with the book Color Works will be available late summer or early fall in 2014. The information on the DVDs will supplement that in the book, but will go into much more detail along with new materials to view. They will cover many topics in detail with new illustrations. Some of the topics included are how hue families and colors relate to one another and why they do what they do; how to use saturations and values to your advantage; and how to create wonderful color ways for your designs that will not disappoint. Follow my blog to see the illustrations in process - a behind the scenes look at the work BEFORE the DVDs are produced!

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